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This Robot Builds Custom Made Burgers From Scratch


It’s official, the robots are taking over the planet. Earlier, we told you about robots taking over as servers. As if that wasn’t enough, robots are now making our food too. Creator, a new burger concept in San Francisco, is introducing custom-made burgers – and they’re all made by robots.

The crazy part? The burgers use fresh beef, and only cost $6 a pop (that’s cheaper than McDonald’s ‘gourmet burgers)! Creator, a project which took 8 years to perfect, has a robot which does everything in the burger-making process from the meat-grinding to the bun toasting – and it all takes only 5 minutes!

According to CEO and co-founder Alex Vardakostas, they’re able to keep their costs so low but cutting down on labor and rent expenses, “A lot of that comes from the savings on labor and kitchen space afforded by a robot cook. We spend more on our ingredients than any other burger restaurant.”

Check out exactly how it’s all done in the video below!

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