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This Red Wine Is So Dark, It’s Practically Black


We’ve all heard of the unicorn trend, and while it’s certainly *ahem* colourful, sometimes an absence of colour is just what the doctor ordered. Enter black wine, which combines your love of wine with the colour of your soul (if you’re like me).

The best party? It’s all natural. Unlike other trends where certain ingredients are added to give colour to the product (we’re looking at you charcoal trend), in this case due to the dark pigmentation of the skin of the grape variety it is made from – Saperavi grapes – a dark black hue is created.

Traditionally from the western European country of Georgia, the Saperavi grape has been used to make pitch black wines for centuries. However, it has recently received a spike in popularity, no doubt due to social media trends which would make this wine extremely instagrammable.

It’s said to be a heavy-flavoured drop, with notes of blackberry, beetroot, spices and vanilla that go well when paired with a strong cheese, fried food, or red meats. Fancy giving it a go?

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