This Pickle-Corn Dog Hybrid Looks Like A Mashup From Hell

American, we get it. You like all things pickle-flavored, no matter how sacrosanct (pickle-flavored beer we’re looking at you). After the monstrosity that was the chickle, now the Dilly Dog is making its debut, which is a hollowed dill pickle stuffed with a hot dog and deep-fried.

The pickle-corn dog hybrid is being served at Texas Rangers games (why do all the strangest foods show up at American sporting events)? But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the dish; it’s been popping up at fairs and other events for at least a couple years now. However, people near Arlington, Texas, can rest easy knowing they can now get it at the park.

To be frank, the Dilly Dog looks frightening at best, and repulsive at worst. Honestly, can you imagine shoving that down your throat? Would you try it?