This Nutrition Week Savor Sizzlers In A Nourishing Way At Out of The Blue!

Sizzling sizzlers must have amazed you every now and then. How we wish that we can choose something healthy other than pasta and noodles and yet the sizzler turns out to be tasty! As Out Of The Blue celebrates National Nutrition Week with your favourite sizzlers and customized ingredients of your choice right from the sauce and even the vegetables! This way you can keep the nutrition quotient in mind without compromising on the taste!

Out Of The Blue’s piping, hot sizzler menu consists of a wide platter for you to select from especially for the nutritional week. Add in some proteins by opting for cottage cheese, vegan beet patty, chicken or any other options you like. Choose from the range of exotic veggies like baby corn, zucchini, carrots, beans or broccoli to punch in needed nutrition in your dish.

As they contain nutrients like Vitamins B6, fibre, protein, carbohydrates, etc make sure to not miss out on greens!  Fulfil your carb needs with mashed potato or spaghetti. You can also choose French Fries or Garlic Truffle Fries. For that final touch of flavours, you can pick from peri-peri, Mexican sauce, chimichurri, lemon beurre blanc, etc for a spicy, sweet taste that pleases your palate!

Bathed in herbs and various flavours, enjoy these unconventional sizzlers served in a fancy manner that has a sense of fusion taste with a tantalizing aroma. Their sizzler menu is sure to sizzle you, but with a twist! Do come over and indulge in their hot plate of delights this Nutrition Week!