This New Kit Kat Croissant Recipe Will Be Your Go-To Snack For Life

We haven’t spoken about chocolate treats in a while, have we? If you say yes to that you probably don’t know us too well. But we’ll say it again – we love chocolate. And we’ve probably been going around all things chocolate for a while now, so you’re wondering when this is going to stop. The answer is, never. We love chocolate too much. Be it, recipes, trends, or just eating it by itself. If there’s something out there that involves chocolate, we’ll be sure to catch it. And right now there is a little chocolaty treat that popped up on YouTube just yesterday, and yes, it has everything to do with the new food trend. Kit Kat stuffed croissants. Your brain probably just spiralled into chocolate land at the sound of that, ours did too when we first came across it. It’s no joke, you can actually make croissants more fun now by stuffing your favourite Kit Kat bars into them. 


Thanks to Pop Sugar, you too can make a yummy Kit Kat Croissant or more at home by following this simple video recipe. What do you need? 2 ingredients! We know what you’re thinking, how can anything this good get better? It’s true, you’ll just need a bunch of your favourite Kit Kat bars and some store-bought pastry dough, and you’re good to go! Get those chocolate bars out and get the dough rolling!