This New Amul Masti Ad Is Trying To Convince You That Buttermilk Is Sublime Out Of A Packet

When you think of chaas or buttermilk, what comes to mind? For us, its homemade chaas made with home set curd, most often at our grandmothers’ hands. However, Amul, one of India’s leading dairy brands is trying to change that notion by convincing the Indian public that buttermilk tastes just as good – possibly even better – out of a tetra pack.


The Advertisements

A few days ago, Amul Masti released this video on its YouTube channel:

As you can see, the video begins with a grandmother like figure turning up her nose at factory made chaas, saying that it should always be made by hand. This is followed up by a whole variety of indviduals describing their love for Amul Masti Butter Milk and concludes with the granny tasting the chaas and being completely bowled over.

Advertising and Amul

It’s a fun ad to watch, isn’t it? Of course, Amul is known for their brilliant advertising strategies. Our favourites are the Amul Butter ads, which feature the Amul girl in her trademark polka dot dress and topical subjects – they recently released one of the Amul Girl offering Leonardo Di Caprio’s character in The Revenant some buttered toast.


The brand also, as a tribute to Neerja Bhanot, released an old ad featuring her as a model on their YouTube channel – read more about that here.  

It’s no surprise then, that consumers are delighted with this latest ad.