This National Comfort Food Day Try The Khichdi Experiment To Satisfy Your Cravings

India’s original answer to the ‘comfort food’ craving, Khichdi, is an iconic and integral part of our homes. Some would even argue that it is an institution on its own! With the perfect balance of flavour and nourishment, the dish offers you a feeling of nostalgia and home all combined in one bowl.

It is this exact feeling that Ola Foods flagship brand, The Khichdi Experiment answers. Launched earlier this year, Khichdi Experiment is the result born out of the mission to gives our consumer their answer to a home-away-from-home. The rave customer reviews received spoke to their drive to offer consumers a wholesome experience, as such, they launched The Khichdi Experiment store less than a month ago in the hip and happening area of Koramangala.

Offering 16 different types of flavourful, healthy Khichdis, the vibrant, welcoming store is guided by one principle of combining nourishment with comfort. With a strong focus on quality, hygiene and food technology innovation, the brand offers a carefully curated assortment of Khichdis, whether it’s a healthy Palak Paneer or a Mumbaiyaa Pav Bhaji flavour.

Khichdi Experiment is now available for delivery in 5 cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Chennai. They will soon spread to 80+ cities over the next year, and will also open Khichdi bars at convenient locations and office campuses in the city for people who’d like to pop in for a quick meal. The Khichdis will surprise and delight the Indian palate that’s accustomed to the familiar but bland taste of the dish.