This Massive Champagne Flute Can Fit A Whole Bottle Of Booze In It

We all know a mate (or are that mate) who loves wine and we know that sometimes refilling wine glasses can be a bit of a hassle (wine drips, didn’t ya know). What if we told you that a champagne glass now exist that can fit a whole bottle of wine in it?

You can now buy yourself (or a friend, if you’re feeling generous) a giant champagne flute that can fit a whole bottle of champers or prosecco in it so you never have to have reach for a refill again!

Honestly, at only $13 a pop, could there be a better birthday present? It’s made out of glass (none of that environmentally harmful plastic for us) and stands a foot tall. Like legit tag your mates (hint, hint) for the most thoughtful present ever.