This Man Uses A Cup And Straw At McDonald’s To Create Insane Dubstep Beats

We have two subjects that we’d like to talk about. McDonald’s drinks and Dubstep. You may not understand how they’re related, but we’ll get to that.

Let’s start with Dubstep. Dubstep, it appears, is taking over the world. Fans go crazy and spend bucket loads of cash trying to score tickets to live concerts and most bars and night clubs succumb to popular demand and turn the volume up on Dub mixes each night.






















Now, let’s move on to McDonald’s drinks. Ordering a Coke at your nearest outlet doesn’t take much skill, does it? Sure; waiting in line takes patience but eventually you get your drink and you down it. Nothing extraordinary there. However, now let’s introduce you to Parker Kane, who took a McDonald’s cup and straw and made some thumping Dubstep beats with them.

Naturally, the video has gone viral, with over a million hits on YouTube. Some say he’s even better than Skrillex but we’ll pass on commenting on that. Clearly, though, Kane is going places. He deserves a refill for this, doesn’t he?