This Kid May Have Eaten A Cupcake But He’s Not Ready To Tell The Truth

Don’t we all have those moments when we’ve wanted to do nothing but steal a little bite of some of our favourite delicious treats and keep it to ourselves? Of course, it’s even better when no one’s actually supposed to know because we may have, well, stolen it. Mom probably told us no more candy for the day (and we said yes when a kind lady offered us some), or grandma probably told us not to eat those cookies (and we snuck into the kitchen at night and ate them anyway). It’s really hard when you love food so much but get restricted access to it. We call it one of those “so close, but so far away” moments, and it’s true. 

This video of a kid denying that he ate a cupcake is everywhere right now. Clearly, he’s eaten a cupcake (given free in honour of the New York Giants, according to the dad’s video description) and he’s got some blue frosting smeared around his mouth, but he probably doesn’t know that, does he? And as adorable as it is, we’re wondering why he didn’t ‘fess up. But it’s so cute, we want to give him another cupcake. Take a look: