This Is Why Celebrity Diets Will Not Always Work For You

We all have at some point in our lives read up thoroughly on our favorite celebrity crush’s diet and wondered whether we would look this perfect if we began our day with a healthy smoothie and ate only avocados and salads for lunch followed by steamed veggies for dinner and finally a small piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

This Is Why Celebrity Diets Will Not Always Work For You

But here’s the thing, “You’re not going to become Jennifer Aniston if you eat like her,” says Philadelphia-based weight-loss expert Dr. Charlie Seltzer, M.D. The top 4 reasons why the celebrity diet will not work for you are:

1. Everyone’s metabolism is different

Weight-loss diets aren’t one-size-fits-all. Following someone else’s is like looking through their glasses. The likelihood of seeing clearly with their prescription is really low.

2. Irrelevant restrictions to your body

If you don’t particularly experience any symptoms like bloating after eating something like bread, omitting it from your diet makes zero sense. In fact, if you replace pizza slice with a gluten- and lactose-free alternative with roughly the same number of calories, you are not getting anything out of it.

3. It’s usually unsustainable in the long run

It will take too much time to assemble, it will involve eating more frequently than usual or will contain expensive ingredients that you cannot afford in the long run.

4.Potentially dangerous

Some eating plans can aggravate existing health conditions. For instance, large amounts of protein can worsen organ functions in people with kidney disease, while unbalanced meals (Mono meals) could cause a high blood sugar or other complications.