This Is Why Carter’s Blue Is One Of The Best Destinations For Shawarmas In Mumbai


We’ve already shared our absolute favourite places to get shawarma in Mumbai with you. One of the destinations that tops the list is Carter’s Blue, near the Bandra sea face promenade. Ask a Mumbaikar for the best places to get shawarmas and every second one will tell you to head to Carter’s.


Why Carter’s Blue?

Because the shawarma is brilliant; it’s really as simple as that. A skewer of spiced chicken is slow cooked on a spit and then shaved off. It’s then folded into a soft flat bread that is also stuffed with a variety of vegetables and a smooth tahini.


That, of course, is the regular chicken shawarma. The eatery also has a range of other shawarmas including the Arabic Chicken Shawrama and the Mushroom Shawarma, each with their own unique variations in taste.


While the chicken shawarmas are roasted outside there’s ample, air conditioned space to sit inside.

What Else Can You Have?

If you’re a first time Carter’s customer, you need to have the shawarma. However, if you’re looking to branch out a little, try the hummus with rotis, the mugh musallam and the lamb mandi rice.

If you’re still on the fence about making a trip to Bandra to visit Carter’s, take a look at our video of the shawarma making process; one view is all you’ll need. We’re quite sure you’ll be reaching for your wallet and expandable trousers after that. We rest our case.