This International Tea Day, We Explore Some Must Visit Tea Estates in India

Did you know that today is International Tea Day? If you didn’t then allow us to give you a little background; established in 2005, International Tea Day attempts to draw attention to tea farmers and local tea growers along with others involved in the tea trade. International Tea Day is especially important in countries that are major producers of tea, such as India, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. If you’re a tea lover, why not use these holidays to visit some of India’s tea producing regions? Here are some plantations you can plan a visit to:

Happy Valley Tea Estate

Where: Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of India’s largest producers of tea, and the Happy Valley Tea Estate is the second oldest planation in the area. Tea sourced from this estate travels as far as Harrods in the UK and Mariage Frere in France.

Darang Tea Estate

Where: Kangra


The Darang Tea Estate was established 150 years ago and remains a family owned plantation. It offers guests a chance to stay within the estate, explore it, as well as enjoy a number of other recreational activities such as hiking and fishing.

Jorhat Tea Bungalows

Where: Assam


Johrat is fondly called the ‘tea capital of the world’. Stay at Hurra Sahib’s Bungalow, a tea estate in the middle of Jorhat that will guarantee a relaxing holiday filled with tea trivia.

The Tea Sanctuary


Where: Munnar

Nestled in the middle of Munnar’s vast spread of tea plantations, The Tea Sanctuary houses guests in refurnished colonial bungalows. These tea estates used to belong to the Tata industry and were later sold to local farmers who are able to earn a sustainable living. You should also visit the Tea Museum in Munnar, which is a first of its kind in India.

Kelagur Tea Estate


Where: Karanataka

This tea estate produces organic teas and takes all guests through the meticulous, seven step process of making tea including the rolling, fermenting, sieving and fibre extraction.

O’Land Estate

Where: Tamil Nadu


Forty minutes away from the popular Ooty hill station, within the Nilgiri hills, the O’Land Estates offers guests a luxury vacation centred in their organic tea plantations. It also grows coffee, peppers and oranges!