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This Instagram Account Called Men and Wine is the Yummiest thing you will see today


The God’s have been kind to us today. Today, we stumbled upon the Instagram account called Men and Wine. It’s exactly what you think it is. 

The account has pictures of luscious men and glasses or in some cases, bottles of wine. Yes, we all love our wine and there’s nothing that sets the right mood than a bottle of wine. But, this instagram account knew just what to add to get us in a better mood – men. 

The account is owned by Milanese wine site Wineophy and we are going to take this moment to thank them in our heads for this.

See what we mean? 

All of Men and Wine’s have men, invariably, really good looking men in different poses in various locations like the beach, balcony, in their beds and in some cases the bath tub.

The account even has a picture of Prince Harry and Jake Gyllenhall enjoying sips of their favourite vino.

This isn’t the first time the internet has gone crazy for hot men and various props. 

Men and Wine account follows the popularity of Instagram account Men and Coffee and Hot dudes reading. The former follows a similar style of hot men having their caffeine fix while the later features hot men engrossed in books during their commute on the subway.

Keep ’em coming, we say!