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This Infographic Shows You What’s Wrong About A Burger


Burgers are great, both to make and to eat. Burgers are a popular item on the menu almost everywhere you go, be it restaurants, dinner parties, barbecues, sleepovers, and more. And yes, it’s not something you can simply say no to because, who can say no to that juicy meat patty, melting cheese, crispy lettuce, and soft bun? Mmmm. We secretly want a burger right now just thinking about it. But after this infographic, you’ll think twice before you consider having that next burger. Burgers, especially those from fast food restaurants, have a lot of elements that can do more bad than good to your body, and also probably explains why you’ve heard the word “unhealthy” every time you said “burger”. 



With that being said, you can still enjoy a good burger by making the right choices. Starting with the bun, go for something organic, or whole wheat bread. Opt for lean meat, and choose grilled meat over anything else. If you’re one that can’t skip the cheese, go for fresh cheese, not the processed kind. And lastly, add a little spinach or carrots with onions so the fibre leaves you feeling satiated. Do you want to make a healthy burger at home? Here’s a recipe you can try.