This Festive Season Grab A Straw & Try RAW Pressery’s Deep Cleanse

This festive season, juice out the toxins from your body and flush in the nutrients with RAW Pressery’s Deep Cleanse range. A brew of October heat and Dussera running parallel can be very harsh and ravage towards your body. All the heat mixed with the oodles of unhealthy food is a call for tarnish and taints.

However, you need not worry anymore as RAW Pressery, India’s first and largest clean label beverage brand will give you all the right reasons to enjoy some self-pampering. RAW Deep Cleanse, a program designed to cleanse your body inside out, packs traditional detox routines into one day of rejuvenation. Packed with anti-oxidants, this sequence of 6 juices and a booster shot, is all about soaking in the good stuff.

The body requires constant nourishment and care due to the uncanny pollution in the ambiance. With the Deep cleanse range; you can now garner a glow brighter than your highlighter. What’s more? From berries rich in anti-oxidants to activated charcoal that’s used as a natural cleanser, this cleanse will also give your body the much needed detox after gorging onto all the festive specialties!

So grab your straws and pick up the RAW beauty cleanse collection here, because everyone deserves to shine bright like a diamond.