This Engagement Chicken Recipe May Get Your Boyfriend to Propose!

Is your boyfriend remaining completely oblivious to your countless hints about marriage? Maybe it’s time to cook him a batch of engagement chicken. Yes – that’s right, this chicken recipe is almost guaranteed to get your boyfriend to propose.

The engagement chicken recipe was created by Kim Bonnell from Glamour magazine. In 1982, she handed the recipe to co-worker Kathy Suder, who made it for her boyfriend. A couple of weeks later, her boyfriend proposed. The recipe circulated around the office, and three other women reported proposals shortly after making the chicken.

Still not satisfied? Spurred on by its popularity, Glamour magazine published the recipe in 2003. Following that, they received claims from seventy women stating that the chicken had led to a proposal from their boyfriends.

Spooky, isn’t it? Maybe the way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach. Why not give the recipe a try? If not to get a proposal, at least you can put yourself and others into a great mood!