This Device Is Going To Change Our Lives And We Cant Wait For It


Imagine this, a device that helps you to prepare a meal according to your vitamin requirements or diet. CSIRO believes that this idea, the idea of creating a device that is able to test and determine what is that your body really needs when you wake up in the morning and being able to produce that instantly, that is the future of the food. And we couldn’t agree more.

This idea which was presented at the FoodPro exhibition, Sydney which provides a platform for food industry professionals to engage with suppliers of cutting edge processing, packaging and plant technology as well as the latest in food science. This event is held every three years and hosts the latest exhibitions in food innovation. CSIRO states that they aim to develop a device like an Apple watch that can be worn, and this technology would be used to create a diet based on their lifestyle and genetics. CSIRO’s Dr Jared Raynes, who is part of this study adds that another machine like a 3D printer would then create a meal according to those needs put forward by the machine.

Also, this exhibition saw other ideas like technology that lets us know all about the food that we are consuming.The SmartTrace tracker which is used by the distributors to monitor the temperature and location during the transportation of the food  that can be shared with the consumers to keep  them aware of the origin of their food. So that, consumers can just scan the bar-codes in the supermarket to know where their food is coming from.

Yes, even we cant wait for these to hit the market.