This Delusion Curry Allows Men To Eat With A Fake Girlfriend In Japan!

Nobody likes dining alone. Now, men in Japan no longer have to, as a novelty bookstore, Village Vanguard is selling pre-packaged curry meals along with a DVD of a female model that will act as their girlfriend while they’re eating.

The DVD stars popular model Mao Harada who is nicknamed Hardan. The DVDs are divided into three chapters; ‘The Younger Girlfriend’, the ‘Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risqué’ and ‘Hardan Made A Home Cooked Meal,’ so men can choose the kind of girlfriend they’re in the mood for.

The curry has also been inspired by Harada; its called the ‘Delusion Curry-Orange Flavour’, because Harada hails from the Ehime Prefecture in Japan, a place lauded for its mandarin oranges.

While we’re sure most of the men aren’t concerned with the taste of the curry, considering how Harada looks, we do have a few questions. Namely; where’s the women’s equivalent of the Delusion Curry? Can women also dine with Harada? Will this become another (somewhat bizarre) trend in Japan?

Since we can’t head to Japan just yet and get our answers let us know what you think!