This Dad Shows You How To Make Your Child’s Lunchboxes More Exciting!

Eating is not generally a child’s favourite past time. I myself have vague memories of running around the house and hiding under tables during meal times and making my poor mother follow me with a plate and handfuls of rice. When dealing with picky eaters, parents need to pull out all the stops to make sure that their children are eating nourishing, well-balanced meals.

Beau, a parent of three in San Francisco has found a way to make sure his kids are always excited about lunch, even when he’s not around. He puts together fun, innovative and quirky lunchboxes (similar to bento boxes), arranging food in a variety of ways to make it more appealing. In a boon to parents everywhere, he also curates a website – Lunchbox Dad –  which gives parents advice on lunchbox plating, creative recipes and parenting in general. We wandered through the website and found some lunchboxes that we’d be only too happy to receive no matter how old we get.

Super Mario Brothers  Pasta Lunch

This made us nostalgic about the days when we were glued to our Nintendos, trying to help Mario rescue Princess Peach.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse

Never before has a fruit salad looked so appealing. 


More than scary, it looks eerily yummy. And look; it even comes with a joke!

Sports Ball

For the days when your kids have a big game. The broccoli and orange will give them the extra energy they need!

Star Wars Storm Trooper

A throwback to when we were fascinated with a galaxy far far away. Actually scratch that; we still are!

Dr Seuss

Every kid should read Dr Seuss; the books have such valuable life lessons.

Didn’t these lunchboxes get you excited? Imagine what your kids will think of them! Head on over to and start trying out his recipes and ideas today!