This Cookbook Combines Indian Food And Bollywood Films

Sri Rao was one of the first American-born screenwriters to work on Bollywood films, and he’s learned a lot about bridging the two cultures along the way. He’s applied those insights in his new cookbook, The Bollywood Kitchen, which is full of easy-to-follow recipes for authentic Indian food—along with suggestions for the perfect Bollywood films to watch while enjoying it. Sounds good, right?


“In my house growing up, there were two constants, the scent of Indian food simmering on the stove in my mother’s kitchen and the sound of Bollywood musicals emanating from the living room,” Rao says.

There are two things Rao wants to make two things clear through the book: Indian food isn’t as complicated as most people think, and Indian cuisine isn’t what most Americans order off the menu at a local Indian eatery.  He made sure not to include tikka masala or tandoori chicken, dishes he calls “restaurant clichés,”

This cookbook is as colourful as the Indian culture itself and offers a variety of basic Indian recipes: from spicy dals to exotic curries.