This Celebrity Chef Lost 38 Kgs By Removing Just One Food From His Diet

James Martin, a British celebrity chef and former television host for BBC’s Saturday Kitchen is renowned for his calorie-laden dishes. He has also written several cookbooks and now stars on ITV’s  – Saturday Morning with James Martin and James Martin’s American Adventure. He is well-known for his indulgent, high-calorie, comfort food dishes.

James revealed that he realised he needed to lose weight after feeling self-conscious of his double-chin while watching himself on the television. He used to weigh 152 kgs and would snack on blocks of pure butter he used to cook, which tremendously added to his weight.

Cutting out this buttery addiction along with other high-fat foods contributed a great deal to his weight loss. He started an intense training regime to shock his body and also took part in the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ show that helped him shed the extra weight. He trained 7 days a week for 10 hours a day.

Let’s all take some inspiration from him and renew our new year resolutions to get back in shape !