This Cafe Is Serving Delicious Food For The Soul!

Andaz Delhi recently launched its new restaurant called the ‘Soul Pantry‘. Its a bespoke deli style cafe with a very modern and relaxed vibe. The moment I stepped inside the cafe, I knew it was going to be a wonderful culinary experience for me.

What I love the most about Soul Pantry is the fact that it promotes and encourages a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The concept that it revolves around, is the celebration of the abundance of nature. Instead of using refined flours, they use native grains like Barley, Ragi, Amarnath and Buckwheat which are sourced directly from the farmers via ‘The Original Indian Table’. It gives us the opportunity to try wholesome nutritional flatbreads which can be paired with locally sourced toppings of your choice, such as avocado, burrata, and chickpeas. They also serve some delicious rice bowls, beverages and desserts! The best part of it all is that they don’t use sugar in any of their dishes, instead, they use jaggery and honey.

I began my meal with the artisan rice bowl which is made with three kinds of puffed rice and roasted amaranth, it’s a combination of Bombay’s bhelpuri and Calcutta’s jhaal muri! Moving to the flatbreads, I tried all the different doughs – Barley, Whole-Wheat, Amarnath and Ragi, along with different toppings like fresh burrata with roasted tomatoes, creamy mushroom mix with crispy onion, five farmed cheeses and my favourite was the one with avocado hummus and crispy chickpea. The beverage menu offers some nourishing yoghurt-based drinks with the goodness of kale, flax seed, jaggery, fox millet, chia seeds, ginger, yellow lentil and more. My favourite was the ‘anti-ageing’ drink!

I highly recommend this place to someone who is seeking a healthier and sustainable lifestyle or even if you are just looking for a new eatery in town! Soul Pantry definitely offers food for soul and not just the stomach.

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