This Baker Just Turned The Royal Couple Into Life-Sized Cakes

With just a week to go, the Royal Wedding is easily the most trending topic across the globe and across the Internet. And as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gear up for their nuptials next weekend, UK-based baker and cake artist Lara Mason has put together the most delicious and stunning commemoration of the wedding – a life-sized cake shaped like the couple. And the resemblance is uncanny!


Fit To Feed Five Hundred

Mason had been commissioned by Cake International to make the cake, which contains 300 eggs, 33 lbs. of flour, 33 lbs. of butter, and 33 lbs. of sugar. The giant statue cake features 10 lbs. of buttercream to sandwich the layers together that were then decorated with 44 lbs. of modelling chocolate and 110 lbs. of fondant icing to recreate Meghan and Harry’s personal features and the iconic outfits that they wore while announcing their engagement to the world.

This Baker Just Turned The Royal Couple Into Life-Sized Cakes

Not only has the baker been able to get the faces and outfits and their colours right, she also managed to get every detail right. Right from Markle’s engagement ring to the details in the Prince’s black oxfords, Mason has nailed every nuance.

“The most challenging part of this project was sculpting the very recognizable faces from modelling chocolate,” Mason says. “Even the eyes are edible and are made from poured sugar.” The baker added that the cake could easily feed a party of 500. We do not doubt that a bit!This Baker Just Turned The Royal Couple Into Life-Sized Cakes

Watch the video below to take a look at the gruelling 250-hour-long process that took Mason six weeks to complete.

This is not Mason’s first attempt at creating cake replicas of celebrities. She has formerly also made edible creations that looked like popular music artists, Ed Sheeran, Celine Dion, and Jamiroquai.


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