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This Adorable Video Of A Bunch Of Bears Chasing A Food Delivery Truck Near Agra Has Gone Viral!


Let us paint a scenario. You wake up one sunny Sunday morning to  find that the weekend food truck that turns up on your road every Sunday is done serving its fare and has begun trundling away. You begin to panic; you had fallen asleep anticipating a delicious brunch of sausages and eggs/ fresh fruits/ whatever your ultimate food weakness is – and now you can see it driving away.

Chasing Food Trucks

So, you do the natural thing. You throw a robe over your pyjamas and begin to run after the food truck, yelling and waving trying to get their attention. They have to feed you!


We stumbled upon the perfect depiction of this scenario on International Animals Rescue’s Facebook page. A bunch of bears at a rescue centre in Agra took it upon themselves to chase the truck that brings their food as it drove away. Check it out and prepare to be bowled over by the adorableness:

“It is an amazing sight to see these bears running excited and free towards some yummy treats! Long gone are their days spent at the end of a rope being forced to perform,” says the comment under the video on the organisation’s Facebook page. One of the organisation’s projects is to rescue preforming bears from illegal bear handlers and rehabilitate them.

These bears certainly seem like they now know what makes up the good life; lots of food, friends and a healthy dose of cuteness.


We doubt we look this adorable when we’re chasing after our favourite food, but we’ll continue doing it anyways!