Think You Can Be A Hero? Hungry Forever Is Looking For An Ad Sales Executive

What do Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and Salesman have in common? They’re all heroes. And while some are busy lurking the streets at night and fighting crime, we’re looking for one to join us and be on our team. We’re looking for an advertising sales executive who can sell ad space on our premier food website –


If you love meeting new people and interacting, sales is definitely your thing. So we’re looking for a candidate who is hard-working, self-motivated and passionate about the internet! A few superpowers you’ll need to have are:
• Lead Generation
• Email Communication/Campaigns
• Presentations
• Negotiations
• Signing-off
• and the conduct of review meetings to track progress
and upsell.


As you know, heroes are always on the go, flying from one scene to the other. So travelling within the city will be an integral part of job. And yes, being a super sales executive means being a full-time hero. Where? In Chennai.


ForeverNetworks is a well-established player in the digital mediaspace – and we value every contribution to our organization. We’re looking for local candidates only, from Chennai, with a required experience of Advertising Sales for 1 year. To apply, click here.