What Do You Think About These Unicorn Easter Eggs? #POLL

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time we started talking about Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, which are probably the most enjoyed traditions (after the Easter brunch, of course). But this year the Easter eggs are getting a dreamy and totally magical makeover and that might but the bunnies out of business for a bit. Behold, the Unicorn Easter eggs!

Mashable reported that a candy company based in the U.K. just released a unicorn Easter egg, and it is exactly what it sounds like (unless you’re imagining unicorns popping out of candy eggs, in which case stop smoking whatever you are)! The egg-shaped confectionary comes sprayed in metallic silver paint, and to complete the unicorn look, it even features a golden alicorn, golden eyelashes, and colourful frosting in place of a rainbow main. And though you may not want to break open the gorgeous treat, you must. For inside, the chocolate eggs pack a festive punch with a hoard of pastel chocolate drops!

Unfortunately, these stunning confectionaries aren’t available on the web, since shipping these is out of the question owing to their fragility. But anyone in the neighborhood can pick one up for £12.50 (~ INR 1,000) to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Check out this video to see how they make this mythical candy.

So, what do you think about these pretty unicorn candy eggs? Vote below!

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