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Think Twice Before You Start the Bulletproof Diet


The Bulletproof Diet comprises high levels of fat, low carbohydrates, moderate proteins, and intermittent fasting. While it is a fairly popular diet, evidence suggests that it is not very good for our long term health.

The diet’s marketers, Bulletproof 360, claim that the diet can help you lose at least 0.45 kg per day. 

In this guide we will take a look at the Bulletproof diet in more detail. We will look at some of the benefits and disadvantages that come with this diet.

Think Twice Before You Start the Bulletproof Diet
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Concept of the Bulletproof Diet

This diet was created with a DIY concept in mind. Basically, it’s all about exercising discipline and modifying your lifestyle.

How it Works

The diet is a modified version of the Ketogenic Diet. It’s all about eating keto foods for 5-6 days and then 1-2 days of carbs.

On the keto days, while on this diet, you should get at least 75% of your calories from fats. The other calories should come from carbs at 5% and proteins at 20%. 

On the other days, you are encouraged to eat sweet potatoes, white rice, and squash. This will increase your daily intake of carbs. 

Disadvantages of the Diet

Take a look at the below disadvantages. 


One of the major disadvantages that you face with a bulletproof diet is that it can cause severe food disorders. 

The normal foods that you eat on a daily basis are considered toxic by the diet. The disorder will make you view any food that isn’t on the diet as toxic.

Nutritional Deficiencies

With your mind fully focused on losing weight, one aspect that you forget to check with this diet is the nutritional disadvantages. 

For example, while on the diet, you are to replace breakfast with a bulletproof coffee. This will in turn deny you valuable nutrients that you’ll get from a full breakfast that contains carbs, veg, and protein.

The oil used in the coffee is refined and processed fat that lacks nutrients.

Increased Cholesterol Levels

One other thing that you should be worried about is the amount of fat that is in this ketogenic diet. Most of these diets, bulletproof included, are quite rich in fat and increase your cholesterol intake. 

Now, the catch is that this diet actually increases the intake of good cholesterol HDL. Not everyone will respond the same when their intake of cholesterol is increased. 

Cardiovascular Issues

With the diet being rich in fats, there is an increased risk of cardiovascular issues. According to numerous studies, heart diseases are bound to occur as a result of (good(HDL) or bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Think Twice Before You Start the Bulletproof Diet
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Foods that are Included in the Bulletproof Diet

Most of the foods that you’re accustomed to, are deemed as toxic by a bulletproof diet. This includes foods such as mushrooms, spinach, beets, vegetable oil, chicken fat, soda, peanuts, legumes, organic milk, and yoghurt etc.

The following foods are recommended.

  • Beverages – include bulletproof coffee
  • Vegetables – asparagus, cooked broccoli
  • Dairy – grass fed ghee
  • Starch – sweet potatoes, white rice, yam
  • Fruits – cranberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Sweeteners – stevia, mannitol, sorbitol


While there are a number of diets that come up almost every single day, very few have been as controversial as the bulletproof diet. 

This diet looks to do away with foods that are deemed as toxic. This can have many negative impacts on your long term eating habits.

Before you take on this diet, you should consider the ramifications that it comes with, including many dietary issues. Be sure do lots of research and try to speak to others who have completed the diet too.