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What Do You Think About These Potato Parcels? #POLL


Apart from being a staple in many cuisines across the globe, the potato has been a favourite amongst trollers and meme creators. Basically, it is the root (pun intended) of a ton of jokes and memes. And we’re not sure what makes the starchy vegetable funny, but hey is Mr. Trump can be president, a potato can be anything! Anyhoo, playing on the potato’s humorous element, a company called Potato Parcel has come up with a plan that allows people to apply custom messages and images to spuds and send them through the mail. 

This customized potato postcards are available in three interesting versions – the original potato parcel ($9.99), which can be inscribed with a message of up to 130 characters; the potato pal ($14.99) that features an image of a person’s face on the potato; and the potato postcard ($12.99) that can be stamped with any picture of your liking. You can even send the potato with add-ons like a burlap sack for an extra charge ($4.99).

This is not a joke! These potato postcards actually exist! And no, you can’t read/see the message and then make some mashed out of the messenger. “We do not recommend eating these potatoes as they have ink and can pick up bacteria during the shipping process,” reads a company statement on its FAQ page. “We are not liable for any sickness if you eat the potatoes!”

So, would you send your loved ones a quirky message stamped on a healthy russet potato? Vote below!

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Fature Image: Inside Hook

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