All Things Nice Hosts Wine Week In Mumbai: Here’s What Founder Nikhil Agarwal Has To Say

While there’s no dearth of food events in Mumbai, we’re particularly excited about this weekend. Why, you ask? All Things Nice, a wine consultancy agency in Mumbai, is holding its sixth edition ‘Wine Week’ which will give wine aficionados in Mumbai the chance to further explore and strengthen their relationship with wine.


All About All Things Nice

All Things Nice is the perfect organisation to help you on your wine discovering journey. Conceptualised and established by Nikhil Agarwal, a trained wine sommelier, it works with hotel chains, restaurants, retail stores and airlines on beverage menu engineering, restaurant and bar showcasing events, wine programs as well as trains staff in wines and spirits. Well-known names All Things Nice has associated with are Ellipsis, Hakkasan, O:h Cha and Shiro.

Agarwal’s expertise in wine sets All Things Nice apart in the industry. He’s been in the wine and spirit business for over 17 years and has worked with major brands including Sula Vineyards, Moet Hennessy and Diageo. In 2012 he won the Wine Australia scholarship, was named the A+ Wine Educator in India by Wine Australia and has recently been appointed the Program Director of the Wines Of India Program.

He also plays a role in Discovery Channel’s ‘The Flying Wine Maker’ and was featured on CNBC’s ‘Young Turks’ show in 2013.

Wine and the Works with Nikhil Agarwal

To better understand his love for wine as well as to explore what the Wine Week ahead promises Mumbaikars, we had a chat with Agarwal. 


How has the wine scene evolved in India in the past 17 years? 

“I’ve been part of the industry for approximately 17 years and wine has gone from being a mythical beverage for the privileged few to becoming a lot more accessible at every level. Consumers are better aware and there are more offerings. However, we have only scratched the service and have a long way to go. Indian wine has truly taken off and I am hugely excited about where the quality of our domestic wines are headed.”

What is the current attitude towards wine in Mumbai? Is it changing? 

“I think Mumbai leads India in the number of people who are aware about wine and who drink wine regularly. The bars, restaurants and hotels have all upped their wine offerings based on the needs of the consumer.”

What is your favourite type of wine? 

“Sounds like a cliché but I really do like everything. My favourite type of wine depends on the season and time of day, activity I’m engaged in or food I’m eating. The beauty about wine is that there are just so many styles and types ! My favourite style however would be powerful red wines”

What were some of the most memorable consulting experiences or events related to All Things Nice? 

“I am particularly fond of what we do with our ‘Submit’ concept where we pair food, wine or spirits and different forms of art. The interesting thing about our consulting services that the activities we take on are so varied and challenging. From starting a winery, to promoting Indian wine as a category or to working with spirit brands in the luxury space to reach their target audience to much more.”

What do you hope to achieve through the Wine Week? 

We want people to enjoy themselves through our efforts and discover wine and the pleasures of food and wine! Nothing else!”

What are some of the events you’re most excited about during the Wine Week? 

“The French Wine Dinner at Sofitel at the alfresco section at Artisan will be wonderful, the master class with Anjali Pathak will be educational and the all meat and tannic red wine dinner with Chef Gracian at AKA will be indulgent!”

Say Salut To The Wine Week!

And that brings us to exploring what Wine Week Will offer. The event kicked off on November 9th with a curated 5 course Latin American Wine Dinner at Lima. On November 11th diners can enjoy a 4 course Fresh dinner at the Sofitel Hotel in the company of French wine lovers.

On November 12th, Chef Anjali Pathak will open the doors to Flavour Diaries (more on that here) and teach culinary enthusiasts how to put together a Summer style Aussie Menu paired with Australian Wines.


Additionally, the Olive Bar  & Kitchen will host ‘The Discovery Tasting’ on Saturday where attendees can taste both international and Indian wines.

Finally, the wine festival will end with a four course all0meat dinner experience at AKA which features meats and full bodied wines.

To attend one of the events, you can head to All Things Nice website and book a spot.