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Things only “hungry forever” people will understand!


While others are counting calories, you are always counting the hours to go before lunch time or your snack time. You also have an exclusive bag that you carry to your work every day which is stocked with yummy snacks and also try to hide most of them from every one. Are you always hungry? Here are some situations that describe your food life exactly:

When your friends cheat on you!


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When you plan to diet

“Diet” is a painful word for you than “Die”. You see the number of calories creeping into your closet and to take care of the serious situation, you plan a schedule whole day on what and what not to eat. But this is what happens when you step out of home tomorrow:


When breakfast is not enough!

You had your breakfast before leaving for work but then you want another one when you reach your office. It’s called second breakfast!


When it’s the deciding factor for your outings

You aren’t even a very outgoing person but when you hear about the varieties of food that will be present in a party, you are like:


When food arrives at your table

You are having an interesting conversation with your date but this is what happens when food arrives on your table:



When technology disappoints you!

Technology has certainly made your life easier but there’s still an aspect missing from it. And it is:


When you say something you don’t mean to!

You always warn people around you to not mess with you when you are hungry but they still do! And then you say something hurtful to them and you are like:


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  • When your definition of romance is

There are some who take long romantic walks with their spouse to reach a romantic destination. And there are “hungry forever” people for whom the idea of a romantic walk is:


Girls love clothes and shopping but she loves food and wouldn't change it for the world. She has a penchant for following chefs around the world, learning different cuisines and trying them out at home with an added twist, making the recipe her own. She has no regrets that she can name the different varieties of street food that are available around her house on her fingertips. Her love for food is unconditional and pure and she will never hesitate to try something new!