Thieves Of Hyderabad Enjoyed Food From Nizam’s Golden Tiffin
September 12, 2018
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Thieves Of Hyderabad Enjoyed Food From Nizam’s Golden Tiffin

The phrase ‘born with a silver spoon’ is fairly common but what isn’t common is thieves stealing a golden tiffin box bejewelled with diamonds and rubies and having a meal out of it. The thieves, Mubeen Mohammed and Mohammed Ghouse Pasha stole the tiffin last week along with a golden spoon, two cups and saucers from the Nizam Museum at the Purani Haveli reports the Times of India.

The Golden Meal

The thieves of Hyderabad enjoyed two meals in the Nizam’s tiffin which they bought from an eatery. They then hid the royal cutlery near a dairy farm in Rajendra Nagar. “The duo has confessed to having food twice from the golden box,” Hyderabad commissioner of police Anjani Kumar said in a statement according to the Times of India. The task force sleuths were responsible for the capture of the thief duo.

“All the stolen objects have been recovered intact and will be returned to the museum soon,” added Kumar. She also added that the thieves had come down to the museum twice before the robbery to see the placement of CCTV cameras and the valuables. During the robbery, the duo came in the museum using a rope and “left a masonry mark to measure the rope and that gave us an important lead,” said Kumar while addressing the media.

Cover Image – Hindustan Times

In-article Image – NDTV

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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