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A Thief Broke Into A Car To Steal A Kit Kat And Left This Hilarious Note Behind


Picture this; you’ve had a long day of classes and submissions. The only thing keeping you going, really, is thinking of a bar of chocolaty Kit Kat that you left behind in your car. However, you reach your car only to find that the Kit Kat has been stolen and that the thief has left behind an apologetic note.

That’s exactly what happened to Kansas State University student, Hunter Jobbins.

The Chocolate Thief

Jobbins left his car parked outside his dorm building for 15 minutes and came back to find his Kit Kat missing. The thief, who appeared to have had only a pen and napkin at his or her disposal left this behind instead:

Kit Kat Joins The Fray

The tweet has been retweeted some 180,000 times and liked 480.000 times; clearly there are a lot of Kit Kat fans in the world. The official Kit Kat account decided to join the fray with this:

Of course, at the lure of free Kit Kats many other victims of Kit Kat thievery came crawling out of the woodwork –

Now, to round up this sweet and crunchy story, Jobbins has tweeted this:

Will you be heading over, if only to see if you can uncover who the Kit Kat thief was?