These Giant “Avozillas” Are 4 Times As Big As A Regular Avocado

According to some people (generation X *cough*) avocados are a pretty big deal to millennials. So, if you happen to fall into that stereotype (who doesn’t love avocado toast, or a bowl of guac?) then we’ve got some news for you! It turns out, that a massive avocado exists, an ‘avozilla’ if you will, that is ‘smoother to spread’ and four times the size of a regular avocado.

So, where are these mythical cados? Well, they’re actually pretty hard to find. Right now, you’ll only be able to get them in a few countries in the world, including England, South Africa (their native place), and Australia, so they’ll set you back a pretty penny (about $12 a pop).

Australia was the latest recipient to grow the ‘avozilla’ however, it’s not as simple as just planting a seed. Instead, you’ll have to get permission and pay royalties to the family that owns the cross-strain. Unfortunately, the ‘avozilla’ also has a massive lag time in producing avocados even after you get through all the technicalities.

For example, the trees planted in Australia four years ago are just starting to bear fruit, even then the trees are ‘light producers’. However, to be fair, we’d probably waste just as many ‘avozillas’ as we currently do avocados so it’s probably a blessing in disguise that giant avocados aren’t on the cards right now.