These Beer Can Bacon Burgers Are Perfect For Your Next Guy’s Night

Having a guy’s night in this weekend? We’ve found something that you will love. This is a recipe by BarbecueWeb, a popular barbecue channel on YouTube that showcases some delicious barbecue and grills by the BBQ Pit Boys. 

Introducing to you, by the BBQ Pit Boys, an awesome Beer Can Bacon Burger recipe that you and the guys will have fun making and cooking all night! And yes, you’ll totally enjoy eating it too! It’s a hearty and juicy grilled bacon cheese burger, perfect for game nights and hanging out. It’s definitely meaty and loaded with cheese, but packed with protein too. Enjoy these bacon burgers guilt free, because you’re making them yourself, and everyone deserves a nice treat once in a while. So, get the meat out, get the barbecue rolling, and get grillin’!


Watch the video here: