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These Are the Best Meal Delivery Services


A difficult task at the end of the day is cooking a meal. It’s even worse if you have to pass by school and pick the kids. By the time you are through with the evening traffic, it’s already dark. 

Moreover with the pandemic, you want to keep away from crowded places as much as possible. You don’t want to contract the disease and infect your family. Best thing to do, call delivery meal services to get for you what you need.

There are many meal delivery services available today. Blue Apron was the pioneer but so many of them have come especially during the pandemic. Read on to see some of the best meal delivery services.

These Are the Best Meal Delivery Services
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Freshly is ideal for you if you are overwhelmed by having to cook for your family every day. Their meals will arrive at your door steps fully cooked and packaged in eco-friendly and insulated bags. Note that there meals aren’t frozen hence you can be eating within three minutes or less.

They have a rotating weekly menu so you don’t get bored eating the same food. You can pick breakfast, lunch and dinner based on their menu. Freshly entire menu is peanuts and gluten-free and all their meals are prepared in peanuts and gluten-free environment. 

Examples of their menu, include Steak Peppercorn, Super Pepper, Sausage Fusilli, and Springtime Chicken Pilaf, among many others.

Freshly meals cost $11.50 per meal for 4 weeks, or $7.99 per meal for 12 weeks. You can check on their site for other meal plans and to sign up. Freshly is available across the United States apart from Hawaii and Alaska.


It boasts of delivering delicious yet affordable meals that even cooking learners can whip up themselves. They have easy and clear-cut instructions that won’t have you scratching your head over an instruction you don’t understand. 

Depending on the size of your family, you can choose meals that serve between two and four people. Some of their sample recipes, include Garlic Rosemary Chicken, Apricot Sriracha Pork Chops, or Beef Bibimbap Bowl.

EveryPlate costs $4.99 per serving, and there is also an $8.99 shipping fee. EveryPlate is available in the continental United States. Visit their site to sign up and begin enjoying their delicious meals. You can also put in your zip code to find out your delivery options.

Purple Carrot

These Are the Best Meal Delivery Services
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It runs on plant power, and it is ideal for those people that don’t eat animal products and the lactose intolerant ones. Purple Carrot’s dishes are both vegetarian and vegan. Each box features herbs, seasonal produce, and creative sauces that will make your meal delicious.

Each meal is prepared and packed in a separate bag so it’s easy to differentiate them. Some of their plant-based dishes, include Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Coffee Teriyaki Skewers, and Cauliflower L’Orange, among others. 

All their meals are delivered with a handy recipe book so you follow the chef’s detailed yet easy instructions. Purple Carrot meals cost $8.99 to $10.99 per serving.


Meal delivery services are here to take away the stress of planning and preparing a meal. These services have come in handy during the pandemic whereby most parents were caught up in homeschooling their children and working from home. 

These take much of your time and are exhausting, and adding another burden of preparing a meal is the last thing on your mind. Let meal delivery services help you, so consider checking these out.