These Are A Few Of Priyanka Chopra’s Favourite Snacks

She may be attending a Royal Wedding by day and attending the Met Gala by night but there is no denying the fact that despite the glam show that she puts on, deep down Priyanka Chopra really is just a PJs and wine-kinda girl. Here’s how we know.

In a recent interaction with Elle, the Quantico star, who is known to appreciate a good In-n-Out burger, picked between some popular snacks to reveal her favourites that she loves to kick back with while watching. Chopra made some super tough decisions between the like of Chips Ahoy and Oreo, Raisinets and Gummy Bears, and so on.

“I’m a big junk food snacker”, the actress said, adding, “When I watch TV, I need to commit to different kinds of food.” Commit she did as she picked between popular candy, corn chips, and cookie brands, giving a reason for each choice, of course! What do you think? Is the desi girl more of an M&Ms person or does she like Skittles better? Chopra took her pick choices from a bunch of snacks, keeping her favourite and tossing away the other. No, literally, she threw them at the walls. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below.

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