There’s A Wine Purifier That Claims To Have The Cure For Your Hangover

Some might say that the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated while you’re drinking, this Chicago-based start up thinks otherwise. Üllo has found a way to ‘purify’ your wine, allowing you to wake up the morning after a wine binge without a hangover. Wouldn’t that be neat?

The Üllo Wine Purifier claims to remove the sulfites – the preservative that is present in wine so that it can have a longer shelf life and also causes said hangovers – from your wine

After receiving over $300,000 in funding through a Kickstarter campaign, the start up was able to make their hangover cure process a reality. The filter that you place over your glass blocks the sulfites and lets the rest of the wine flow into your glass, retaining the taste and flavour and getting rid of the hangover that follows. According to the start up, without the sulfites, you’re consuming a much purer version of the wine, almost as if you were drinking it straight from the vineyard.


While there isn’t much evidence to prove that sulfites are the cause of the hangovers, there has been some research that claim that one in 100 people suffer from sulfite sensitivity which could be cause for this research and creation of the filter.

The filter can be placed over your decanter or your wine glass and a built-in aerator can be opened or closed to suit the different types of wine.

Wine connoisseurs everywhere can now get the Üllo filter for $79.99, but the price range changes depending on what you’re looking for.

Check out this video to understand the Üllo a little better.