There’s A War On Twitter Over Starbucks’ Plan To Hire 10,000 Refugees

A few days ago, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Shultz released a letter on the Starbucks website saying the global coffee chain will employ 10,000 refugees around the world. This was a response to President Trump’s order which prohibits refugees from seven countries entering the US.

“(Starbucks will) neither stand by, nor stand silent as the uncertainty around the new Administration’s actions grows with each passing day,” Shultz wrote “This is why we are doubling down on this commitment by working with our equity market employees as well as joint venture and licensed market partners in a concerted effort to welcome and seek opportunities for those fleeing war, violence, persecution and discrimination.”

Trump’s Supporters Want To #BoycottStarbucks

As a response to Starbucks’ obvious stand against Trump’s policy, Trump supporters have begun a campaign on Twitter encouraging people to boycott Starbucks. Their main point is that Starbucks should be giving those jobs to American citizens primarily war veterans.

In fact, Starbucks responded to that last tweet saying:


However, Starbucks has also found a world of support amongst the Twitterati:

As well as the plan to hire refugees, Starbucks has announced several other steps it will be taken in the coming months including strengthening its business in Mexico: read more on that here.