There’s A Stranger Things Pop Up Bar And The Upside Down Is No Longer A Fantasy

Stranger Things has been all the rage ever since Eleven and a group of nerdy boys walked into our hearts. However, if you’re in Chicago then we have some exciting news for you. There is a Stranger Things pop up bar in Logan Square so grab your gang and head over to the aptly named The Upside Down to tide you over till the show hits Netflix later this year.

Whet your appetite with literally the best named drinks such as, the Eleven’s Eggos slushie (Angel’s Envy bourbon, lemon, orange, cranberry, and maple syrup), the Mouthbreather (gin, caramelized pineapple, lime, Ancho Reyes, and Hellfire Shrub), and the She’s Our Friend & She’s Crazy (Reposado tequila, amaretto, lemon, and strawberry).

Since there may not be enough time for us in the subcontinent to sell our organs to finance the expedition, we suppose that we’ll have to make the most of the pictures posted on social media. They have a Castle Byers installation and they project screenings of the show. And yes, they have the alphabet wall. RUN!