There’s Now A Machine To Dispense The Perfect Glass of Wine For You

Calling all wine drinkers, you’re going to be able to get that perfect glass of wine at home just the same way you make your morning coffee.

Introducing D-Vine, from French wine startup 10-Vins. The machine puts wine in a 100ml test tube-shaped container (also known as a flacon) and brings it to the optimum temperature and aeration recommended by wine makers. Within a minute, the can chill or warm the wine and aerates the drink via a long, coiled inner tube which passes through it.

It took four years to develop a prototype which was ready by 2014 and then went on sale in Europe by Christmas last year. One of the reasons it took so long, says Mashable, was because the makers wanted the cooling engine to be able to chill the wine within a minute without needing to plug the machine in.


D-Vine launched in Singapore last week and the makers are looking to expand into the rest of Asia and the US.

10-Vins doesn’t make its own wine, however vineyards supply wine and information on temperature and food pairing for the little test tube bottles. Co-founder Thibaut Jarrousse told Mashable that the process of the D-Vine is not the same as a fridge, which slowly reaches and maintains a cold temperature.

Currently, their wine catalogue is sourced from France, but according to Jarrousse, the company is keen to reach more wine makers, including some European countries and the Californian region.

If you live in Singapore, the D-Vine is available for $1,790 and each flacon of wine rangers between $9 and $39 (Prices are in Singapore dollars).