There’s Now A Device Which Allows You To Brew Wine And Cider At Home


Perhaps to keep your New Year’s resolution of eating healthier you stocked up on a fruits at the beginning of January. Apples, pears, grapes and peaches all found their way into your fridge. However, life generally catches up and most of those fruits are still languishing in your fridge – way too overripe to be eaten.

Don’t feel guilty about throwing them out. Instead, look to Alchema, a device which can convert fruit into cider or wine.

How It Works

Alchema connects with a smart phone app which allows users to select recipes on the app and control how much sugar and alcohol they want in each drink.

“What better way to reduce food waste at home then by turning leftover fruit into delicious hard cider or wine,” said CEO Oscar Chang . “The Alchema home cider making system is a great alternative to throwing away unused fruit..” he added.


The company claims that using the app and device is just as easy as making coffee. Each recipe yields about three bottles of wine or cider.

The device costs around £400 and is available in Taiwan, the US and Canada although the company is looking at expanding soon.