There’s A New Oreo Cookie Flavour Coming Soon And You’re Gonna Love It, Read On For More

Winter is here and while now is a good time to be sitting in front of a warm fire and drinking hot cocoa, Oreo has another plan in mind for you. In early 2017, it is rumoured that the cookie brand is releasing a new flavour to blow your mind – Hot Cocoa.

According to TheJunkFoodAisle, this new flavour will only release in select stores early next year. And beyond that, there’s no confirmation from other sources that say that this is official. But the Instagrammer is known for designing the packaging of popular brands and has released a mockup of this new flavour.

“Coming Soon: Hot Cocoa Oreos! @junkbanter has heard these are scheduled to come out in 2017. The above is a mockup I created to show what the packaging could look like Check (and follow!) @junkbanter for more info! #thejunkfoodaisle #junkbanter,” the caption read.

What would it taste like? Well, simple – hot cocoa and marshmallows. Basically the perfect winter drink in cookie form. Even if the cookies are released after winter, it’ll still make the most delicious dessert on the planet.

Oreo has been known to introduce some of the most interesting and ridiculous flavours, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. We’ll just have to wait and see if things turn out the way we hope it will, but till then, just stay tuned!