There’s An Ice Cream Combination That’s Driving Australia Insane, And For A Good Reason

We’ve seen the birth of so many food combinations this year, it’s almost impossible to keep up. But there’s an even better combination that has hit the shelves of Australia and you are going to be incredibly jealous.

Meet the Golden Gaynetto. This is a combination of the Cornetto and Australia’s favourite Golden Gaytime. It’s a toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream in a wafer cone, and topped with chocolate as well as Gaytime biscuit crumbs.

Obviously it’s only available in Australia at the moment, but take a look at that ice cream, how could you not get excited about it?

Scott Mingl, senior brand manager for Streets Ice Cream (known as Kwality Walls in India) said they had received letters of Gaytime crumbs, petitions and social media requests to create the new icecream. ‘Everyone wants more Gaytimes and we’ve listened,’ he said. ‘It’s important to give our fans what they want and Golden Gaynetto is exactly that – it’s for everyone who had had a Gaytime, remembers a Gaytime or simply just loves a Gaytime.’

And Australia is so excited by this development that the ice cream is now available in convenience stores and petrol stations and there are also multipacks!

Time to move to Australia, maybe?