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There’s Going To A Hello Kitty Themed Supermarket In Hong Kong!


Hello Kitty is one of the most recognisable characters of all time. Whether it’s on lunchboxes or clothes, everybody has owned a Hello Kitty something at least once in their lives. Then we got Hello Kitty themed restaurants and Pop-ups, now, there’s something even more exciting.

The Hello Kitty pop-up is changing its game a little, by opening a supermarket in Hong Kong! It’s open for business from February 12th to May 31st and is operating within Sai Wan’s Yata Supermarket in the city.

If you’re wondering if the products available are Hello Kitty themed, then you’re wondering right. Desserts, dry grocery items and even home decor inspired by the Sanrio character will be available. Plus, the shopping bags and carts will also have Hello Kitty themes. Forget pop-up restaurants, what you need is this experience, because just imagine walking through a market that is filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite cat?

There have been a few sneak peeks, which reveal limited-edition popcorn and light-up cotton candy! And there’s word that Hello Kitty will show up at the store now and then, which is definitely something fans cannot miss out on!

Check out these pictures while we all wait for more once the market officially opens its doors!


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Featured image from Yata Hong Kong official Facebook page.