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There’s Another Colour on The Rainbow Burgers Bandwagon; Meet KFC’s Rose Burger!


It’s the battle of the colored burgers! After McDonalds’ black burger and Burger King’s red burgers, KFC China has now introduced a rose pink burger that resembles…raw meat? This burger is called the rose cheese roasted chicken burger.

KFC has also introduced yet another version of the black burger; the black diamond bacon spicy chicken burger. However, compared to their rose burger, this one is practically old school. Indeed, KFC have been focused on advertising the pink burger and are especially paying up its femininity.

While the rose burger may look pretty in pink in the ads, in real life it’s something of a different story. Various photographs from disgruntled customers have popped up on social media.

What do you think? Does that look appetising? Will you be heading to China to try these any time soon?