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There’s A Facebook Page Dedicated Solely To Food Puns; Here Are Some Of Our Favourites!


There’s nothing better than having some great food with a healthy dose of laughter. Wait, there is something better; when food and laughter combine to make some truly tasteful food puns! Imagine how excited we were when we found a Facebook community, Food Puns, dedicated to curating and sharing the best food puns around. We spent many an hour pouring over the puns and have found a few of our favourites to share with you. Break out the laughter – and crack open the fridge!

Complex Carbohydrates


We all sometimes pause to question the meaning of life and our purpose in the vast universe. Complex carbohydrates are no different. Simple ones, of course, do no thinking.

You Complete Me


Have you ever wondered how much the doughnut misses the dough that made it whole (see what we did there!)?



Because they don’t have a centre; exactly what we were lamenting about before!



Is that a pick up line that would work on you? Or would you go bananas?



What about this pick up line?

It’s Chilli!


Surprising, since chilis are generally so hot!

Wok-ing Problems


Most of us have never had to deal with these very important problems.

Seasons Greetings


We think these cute characters should grace Christmas cards.

Party Time


Which do you think is the cheesiest?

If those cracked you up like an egg (we’re not so good on the pun front), then head over to the Food Puns Facebook page and join the community to keep yourself in splits.