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There Is a Brisket Bandit In Edmonton Who Stole a BBQ Food Truck


The truck was found hours later, but the it had been emptied of all food and drinks. Terry Sept, owner of Smokehouse BBQ, said the truck was recovered just before 1 p.m., hours after it went missing from the restaurant parking lot.

The thief emptied the Smokehouse BBQ truck’s fridge of smoked meats and took a couple debit machines, but otherwise, the truck is in good shape.

The truck was doing swift business on Saturday as staff members cooked ribs, pulled pork and other meat for hungry Canada Day revellers at the legislature grounds.

But on Sunday morning, it was gone.

Sept said someone made off with the truck during the early hours of Sunday morning.

He’d spent the evening serving BBQ at the legislature grounds and brought the truck back to his 124th Street restaurant at around 11:30 p.m.

When he returned Sunday morning at about 8:30, the black truck, emblazoned with a pig wearing sunglasses, was gone. He filed a police report.

“We have the keys and we have the truck plugged in to keep the refrigerator running cause we had another event for it today. They unplugged it and drove away with it,” Sept said

“I’ve got a $75,000 truck that’s out there nowhere to be seen,” he Sunday morning. “Somebody knew what they wanted, and they took it.”

This seems to be a case of a weirdly misplaced love for barbecue as only the food and drink were taken and  truck was in good shape when found.