The World’s Largest Biryani Took 60 Indian Chefs To Make And Weighed A Whopping 13 Tonnes

There have been some pretty strange food Guinness World Records in the past few years. There was, for instance, a gentleman named Donald Gorske who ate his26,000th Big Mac on 11th October 2012, which made him the person who ate the most Big Macs in the world. There was Chad Fell who once blew a bubble-gum bubble with a 50,8 diameter. And, there was the world’s largest chocolate coin which weighed 658.

Today, however, we’re turning our attention to a record closer to home which we’re sure will appeal to your patriotic side. Back in 2008, sixty chefs in Delhi created the world’s largest biryani, which weighed 12 tonnes.

Cooking The Feast

The feat brought together sixty chefs in New Delhi, three cranes, a massive steel vat and a three foot high furnace.

The chefs and the cranes dropped6600 pounds of rice, 187 pounds of chilli peppers, 317 gallons of oil,  8045 pounds of vegetables and 190 pounds of salt into the vat. The chefs also used 6000 litres of water and 10 kilos of spices and condiments. As the biryani cooked, it was stirred using long oars.

A Guinness Book Of World Records official who was present while it was being cooked certified that the massive biryani had broken a record; I’m here to certify them for preparing the world’s largest biryani weighing around 13,000 kilograms,” Kaoru Ishikawa said.

After it had been cooked and the record achieves, the organisers ladled it out into a collection of boxes and sent it to orphanages across Delhi.

We wonder how it tasted?