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The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace Hosted A Unique ‘Marriott South Asia Chefs Workshop’


The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace played host to 40 culinary experts from Marriott properties across the country for the 5th edition of the annual Marriott South Asia Chefs Workshop.

The purpose behind this extraordinary 3-day workshop was to encourage and hone the culinary knowledge and skill of these talented maestros in a setting where they can inspire and be inspired.  Over the three-day sojourn, the Executive Chefs actively participated in engaging activities, discussions on innovations and trends in the F&B industry, and culinary cook-offs. Marriott South Asia Chefs Workshop echoes the Group’s food and beverage philosophy of ‘less is more’, underlining principles of simplicity, authenticity, sustainability and quality.

Executive Chef Mahesh Padala said, “The three-day workshop witnessed a superlative fusion of talent, skill, and innovation. These facets came together to create an extraordinary experience for the culinary masters of Marriott South Asia. As a platform that promotes, encourages and challenges culinary minds to go beyond, the ‘Black Box’ activity allowed Chefs to showcase their individual strengths and collaborate their sheer creativity and talent. We at Marriott South Asia, promise to consistently revamp and lead the culinary space and this activity proved beyond measure that we are on track.”

Mr. Rohit Dar, General Manager, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace added, “The resolution of Marriott South Asia Chefs Workshop, is to bring creativity and expertise together; to inspire chefs to rethink their relationship with food and how it impacts our guests and society in the larger context. More importantly, it also addresses global food challenges such as sustainable sourcing and food wastage that we must all work towards improving. The workshop was a great opportunity for our hotel to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Hyderabad through every activation and offering presented over the last three days.”

The event culminated with a fun-filled farm visit where chefs prepared an extensive spread of fresh and vibrant dishes using local hand-picked produce.

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